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Demineralizer Deionization Systems

Demineralizer Deionization Systems Demineralizer Deionization Systems

For Removal of all Total Dissolved Solids

"Most commonly used process to remove dissolved impurities"

Commercial & Industrial Two Bed Demineralizer Systems

All water contains dissolved minerals. When in solution water separates into negatively charged anions, and its counterpart positively charged cations. A process known as demineralization can substantially reduce the quantity of these ions to a very low nano levels.

Demineralizers remove virtually all ions from water including silica and carbon dioxide. The more complete mineral reduction of a Demineralizer Column System make them ideally suited to treating water for high pressure boiler use (over 600 psi). The low tolerance of these boilers to mineral build up makes the demineralizer a must for low blow down waste and savings of both fuel and internal chemical treatment. Steam drive turbines units benefit from low silica content. Manufacturing processes that add water directly to a finished product, washing or rinsing are also beneficial to they're operating driven cost.

The strong base demineralizer is a two bed system. Water first passes through a strong acid cation exchange vessel, where the ionization salts in the water are converted to their respective acids. Then the water passes through the strong base anion exchange vessel, where the negative radicals of the acids are converted to hydroxyl (OH-) ions. The result is water containing only hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions which are combined to form pure water.

Because the process is so effective, the quality of the water is customarily measured by the water’s resistance to electric current. The quality of demin water depends on several factors existing water composition, types of resin, and capacity amount. Fully automatic systems can be employed for most business applications requiring ultra-pure water. PLC controls with automated instrumentaion give the operator real time functionality.

Mixed-Bed Single Demineralizer Systems

Utilize a combination of both cation and anion resins in a single vessel. Ion exchange occurs when water passes through the mixed resin column. Rainbow Water offers an array of flow rate and capacity systems for every type of application. From plating/anodizing to food preparation/processing. Rainbow Water has years of experience in meeting the needs of customers who require high quality water in their business processes. Whether you’re in a rural or urban setting, Rainbow stands ready to meet your water application requirements for high purity, low TDS water. Custom engineer system can incorporate a recirculting bed pump to polish and further enhance the resitivity of the deionized water.

By definition the term demineralization is generally used with respect to the removal of ions from water. It is commonly achieved by passing water through successive ion exchange beads. In one part cations are exchanged for H+ ions. In another part anions are exchanged for OH- ions. Following a reaction of H+ with OH- ions, result in no present ions remaining in solution, Only pure h2o

RWP premium sales team provides only engineered Marlo Incorporated Demineralizer Systems, our Master Service Technicians are ready to assist in consulting, retro fit or re-calibrate of all territorial exisitng and new sales demin units.

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