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Dealkalizer Chloride Systems

Dealkalizer Chloride Systems Dealkalizer Chloride Systems Dealkalizer Chloride Systems

For Alkalinity Reduction in Makeup Water

"Dealkalizer Chloride Cycle unit is a profitable solution for many Steam Applications"


Chloride cycle dealkalizers are manufactured according to industry practices. Dealkalizers can reduce unwanted anions using premium ion exchange methods. Dealkalizers are used to boost performance by reducing fuel and operating costs. Dealkalizers can help reduce blowdown in boilers and thus reduce the need for chemical treatment for efficient non-corrosive operation. When used with sodium hydroxide as a regenerant, this process will also reduce carbon dioxide in water.

Chloride cycle anion exchangers are unique in that they permit alkalinty reduction without the use of acids. In theory a properly sized and calibrated dealkalizer regenerates with salt brine (NaCl). The Dealkalizer unit will remove bicarbonate (HCO3-), carbonate (CO3=), sulphate (SO4=), nitrate (NO3-) and carbon dioxide (CO2)

Dealkalizer Anion Systems can remove more than 90% of bicarbonate alkalinity in a softened water supply. This controls formation of carbon dioxide in boilers, the major cause of condensate line corrosion. Since natural alkalinity breaks down at boiler tempatures to form CO2 the reduction of alkalinity will reduce line corrosion and reduces the amount of return line chemical treatment. Free CO2 in the water is also removed, to produce excellent boiler make-up water


Boost Boiler Performance

The amount of boiler blowdown is most often attributed to alkalinity. Concentrations of alkalinity beyond recommended operating limits cause problems of foaming and solids carry over to the steam. A dealkalizer will increase the number of cycles the make-up is concentrated in the boiler, reducing blowdown, boiler operating costs, foaming, and carry over.

Reduce Condensate Line Corrosion

Reducing the amount of carbonic acid which forms from carbon dioxide reacting with condensed steam reduces the amount of expensive chemicals necessary to neutralize the acid and reduces return line corrosion.

Reduce Chemical Treatment

The reduction of blowdown by dealkalization keeps water treatment chemicals in the boiler longer, and thus minimizes the amount of chemicals required for efficiency non-corrosive operations.

Lower Fuel and Operating Costs

Blowdown losses to the sewer are expensive because the lost water has been softened, heated, pumped and chemically treated.

Rainbow Water Purification only offers pre-engineered and pre-assembled Marlo Incorporated catalog dealkalizer units, Automated PLC/HMI controls assure the operator of all system functions. Recommended skid mounted units require simple field utility hook ups for economical installation and start-up. RWP field service organization is available to provide support for all exisitng and new sales dealkalizer water treatment equipment services around the clock. 

For more details, please check MATD Dealkalizer Systems (PDF) and MDAS Dealkalizer Systems (PDF).