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Planning & Specifications

Planning & Specifications Planning & Specifications

The Process of Plan, Design, Spec & Build

To provide safe drinking or clean process water to their customers, organizations seek the services of a qualified manufacturer with experience in building water purification systems. The process of building a water purification system is not a simple task and not every company can accomplish it successfully. Organizations such as health care providers, theme parks, botanical gardens, cosmetics, refineries, pharmaceuticals, and more need to be extremely particular in who they assign the task to design and create their Water Treatment System.

Planning and Specification

An organization will acquire the services of more than one contractor to see whose proposal they like the best. The contractors will have to prepare blueprints, detailed specifications, tender documents, and price. If the organization finds their proposal appealing, they will select the contractor's company to build a specific water purification system and complete the project.

However, first, contractors have to assemble the best team possible to win the construction bidding process. Rainbow Water Purification provides HVAC engineers, construction estimators, plumbing wholesale & architects with the tools to acquire the contracts.

What Tools Rainbow Water Purification Provides to Builders?

When clients approach RWP, they are looking for a company to assist them with a qualified team of knowledgeable engineers, and work alongside them to complete the project. First, the importance is placed on the construction proposal for a particular industry.

In the construction proposal, builders place put their trust in RWP to create and design concepts that are portrayed in 3D and 4D drawings. The drawing renderings of unique projects give customers a general idea of how the finished project will precisely look like.

Next, our team of specialists develops (P&ID) piping & instrumentation diagrams with (GA) GeneralArrangement Drawings, which provide exact descriptions of the size of items such as pipes, flow directions, capacities, instrumentation and water quality operating parameters. Lastly, in most cases, the price is the determining factor for organizations to approve the proposals. RWP provides our clients with quality services they can rely on at an affordable prices.

Design and Build

Getting a general contractor and an architect on board is expensive and time consuming over a design and build process. With a design and build system, builders are eliminating the middle man and offering a quick turnaround to their clients. The advantages of builders working with a vendor that quickens the bidding process and supplies them with tools include:

  • The builder and the vendor have a shared goal to secure the construction project, meet the client's expectations, offer warranties, and resolve problems together.
  • Take accountability for results, the costs, and date of project completion.
  • They offer preventive maintenance service, after the project is finished.
  • The company's team has expertise in both the building and designing process.
  • They explain the entire process to clients from start to finish, encourage involvement, and promise timely completion.
  • They offer warranties to buyers with turnkey solutions and after sale service programs.

Rainbow Water Purification company is able to offer these solutions to contractor builders and their clients because they are certified Marlo distributors. They work alongside Marlo engineers to build and fabricate detailed systems with on and off site capabilities.

What Services RWP Offers

The list of services clients can approach RWP for:

  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Softener Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Dealkalizer Chloride Systems
  • Demineralizer Deionization Systems
  • Di Water Exchange Services
  • Condensate Polisher Systems

Customers can call upon Rainbow Water Purification if they are looking for planning and specification services to provide the owners with exact diagrams of the entire water treatment process. If customers are in need for a team to design and build their project, RWP works with engineers from Marlo Incorporated to create custom water purification and water treatment systems for worldwide industries.

Customers can contact us through our website or call us on this number, 281-874-9736 for more information on what we can do for your clients.