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Water Softener Systems

Water Softener Systems Water Softener Systems Water Softener Systems

For Elimination of Water Hardness

"RWP has a variety of Water Softener Systems that provide high quality soft water for a wide range of applications"

The installation of a Rainbow Water Softener System will quickly begin paying for itself through reduced energy consumption, extended water appliance life and lower plumbing repairs. All water fed related equipment will last longer. Special chemicals for boilers, cooling tower make up and steam handling equipment can be greatly reduced, the service life of linens, chlothing, fixtures and appliances is noticebly extended.

RWP designs, installs and services all Industrial and Commercial Water Softeners Systems. Without expection, every project which employs the distribution of heating and use of water should included a survey and current on-site water analysis. Rainbow's professional staff of trained technicians can provide and evaluate this survey to make the appropiate recommendations for all types of applications.

In theory a properly calibrated and size Water Softener System features a regeneration sequence based upon elementary principales of ion exchange. Initially strong acid cation resin in sodium (Na+) form is placed into service. During the sodium cation exchange water softeneing process, sodiums ions are exchanged for undesirable quanities of calcium (Ca+2), magnesium (Mg+2) and some iron (Fe+2). Sodium ions already presented in water being soften pass through the process unchanged. Upon exhaustion of the resin, (as indicated by unaccepatble hard water leakage) a regeneration sequence involing sodium chloride (NaCl) is utilized. The regeneration sequence reverses the above process and converts strong acid cation resin back to the sodium form for the subsequent water softeneing cycle.

Rainbow Water Purification provides industrial and commercial grade manual, semi or fully automatic self regenerating water softeners that are custom designed to meet your needs. We offer single tank, twin tank, triple or quad tank softeners with flow meter initiated regeneration cycles that are manufactured with high quality industry components.


Fiberglass reinforced polyethelene pressure vessels, carbon steel expoxy lined vessels or 304 stainless steel passivated vessels build type components are avalible, Top or front mounted piston acuated valves, aquamatic individual diaphragm valves or electric/pneumatic butterfly valves are also avalible for build type components to choose from during the designing stages of your new water softener system. Skid mounted options assit the field support personal with a fully pre-piped and pre-wired system. These manufactuer options make ease for single point feild utility conncetions of inlet, outlet, drain and power supply. Turn key  "Plug n Play"

RWP only offers flow metered initiated controllers, to prolong the effiancy of salt and water consumption during operating cost, units only regen when gallon capacity usages have reached exhaustion. Liquid brIne conversion kits are easily customized and modified to adapt on any exisitng dry salt brine system. Our salt recycle systems enhance your systems capabilty to use 40% less total salt consumption, giving you the same capacity and effluent quality.

Custom engineering systems combining a Marlo Incorporated system in special configurations with other RWP products are avabilable to meet virtually any specification and size requirements. RWP maintains special consultation teams to provide quick response through the planning, designing, specification writting and installation of your custom system. In addition, Rainbow Water Field Service technicians are available to provide on-site assitance during equipment startup and calibration programming.

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