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Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems Water Filtration Systems Water Filtration Systems

For Removal of Sediment and Special Absorbtion Applications

"Rainbow Water Purification Offers Water Filtration Solutions for Nearly Any Process Water Application"

RWP provides a complete line of automatic water filters, medias and filtration methods to remove a wide range of particulate matter such as suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, gases and others contaminants/impurities from water. We specialize in finding the proper water filtration application for your specific industry needs. Clarifying, Sediment, Taste, Color, Turbidity, pH neutralizing & Suspended Solids to name a few.

Sand Filters

For removal of high density suspended matter from water. Sand filters remain an industry standard for removing dense turbidity and sediment. Suspended sediment are removed at the surface of the fine filter and will not settle to the bottom of the filters. When pressure drops builds 12 psig. over the clean bed pressure drop, the filter is backwashed, flushed and returned to service.  A clean sand filter is capable of removing particles as small as 40 micron in diameter. Sand filtered water quality is excellent and is standard in most municipal pretreatment filter systems.

Multi-Media Filters

For removal of both heavy sediment and suspended matter. MMF have a unique filtering ability due to the reverse grading of the media. The multi-layered filter bed contains a number of media distinctly layered with the coarsest layer at the top and the finest layer at the bottom. The specific gravity and size of the various layers cannot mix but will always stratify in the same order upon backwashing. The unique multi-layer feature is able to contain substantially more sediment before pressure drop dictates that backwash is necessary. RWP offers fully automatic MMF with pressure differential trip controllers for ease of continuous operation.

Iron Filters

For removal of soluble (colorless) and insoluble (red color) iron from water. The filter media consist of various proprietary media’s. These filters under special conditions are capable of removing Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide. The media must be regenerated by an oxidizer regenerate, optional Sodium hypochlorite solutions are available to facilitate regeneration. A Rainbow Water iron filter can reduce 99% of incoming trouble iron. Iron at low concentration levels of 0.3 ppm start to stain reddish residue on equipment downstream.

Granular Activated Carbon

For removal of chlorine and organics from water. AC filters improve the taste and odor of drinking water. Activated carbon filters are a general requirement for conditioning water in the bottling and beverage industries. AC absorbs organics such as many pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents. Activated carbon is created by heating carbonaceous material in the absence of oxygen, this activation process burns out impurities and produce millions of tiny pores. The structure creates a surface area that enables carbon to absorb.  Many other substances causing moldy, musty, or woody odors are also removed. The activated carbon absorbs impurities in the water. AC filters also are utilized in removing of VOC’s. RWP application managers are ready to assist you in providing the correct activated carbon solution. 

Rainbow Water Purification supplies engineered Marlo Incorporated filtration systems. Some other filtration products and services, that RWP offers include:

  • Depth Cartridges & Filter Housings
  • Resin Trap Strainers
  • Liquid Ring Filter Bags & Housings
  • Oil Absorbents Filters
  • Glass Microfiber Cartdriges
  • Granular Activated Carbon Block
  • Surface Pleated Cartdriges
  • HEPA 0.2 Absoulte Bacteria Filters
  • Ultrafiltration Lab Cartdrige Filters