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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems Reverse Osmosis Systems Reverse Osmosis Systems

For Reduction of Total Dissolved Solids

"Water Purification Technology using Semipermeable Membranes"

RO is a highly effective water treatment process for reducing up to 99.5 % of dissolved mineral salts, organics, and other particles by forcing water under pressure through a semi permeable membrane. The process is named "Reverse Osmosis" because it is opposite of the natural osmotic process, where water from a solution with low concentration of dissolved solids travels through a membrane seeking to dilute a higher concentration solution.

Reverse Osmosis is induced by applying controlled high pressure with a pump to a solution with high concentration of dissolved solids, causing water from the concentrated solution to pass through membrane. This water is referred to as “Permeate” (product) water. Dissolved solids do not pass through the membrane. They are continually flushed to the drain as “Concentrate” (reject) water. This flushing action also keeps the membrane surface from fouling or scaling.

Our Reverse Osmosis Systems are custom engineered designed specifically for your water treatment requirements by an experienced team of application, mechanical and chemical engineers. We also provide maintenance agreements after the point of sale, to ensure that your entire water treatment system is operating at peak performance.

Commercial & Industrial RO Systems

RWP provides engineered Marlo Incorporated reverse osmosis systems ranging in size from 1 gpm (1440 GPD) to 500 gpm (720,000 GPD) that can remove up to 99.5 % of dissolved salts and virtually all colloidal and suspended matter from the most challenging feed waters including municipal, brackish, and sea water applications. Multiple sets of RO train units can be combined for high parallel flow configurations.

RO System Maintenance

RWP offers preventive maintenance agreements to ensure that your pre & post treatment systems are functioning at peak performance. An experienced process engineer can work with you to develop a customized preventive maintenance schedule that is designed specifically for your water treatment system. Specialty RO non ionic organic chemicals are computer projected such as anti-scalants, bi sulfites, biocides & polymer aids. With this proprietary experienced calibration, Rainbow Water Purification stands confident ensuring your system is always operating to engineered specs.

RO Pre Treatment / Post Treatment

The need for additional water treatment steps either before or after the RO process varies depending on water chemistry and quality requirements. If raw water contains chlorine, hardness, iron, turbidity, then pretreatment should be considered to extended membrane life and improve overall system performance. If water quality requirements require ultra-pure or sterilized water, then post treatment should be considered. A complete water analysis should always be conducted to determine which measurements are necessary. Your local RWP service provider is highly trained to help you choose the level of water quality that matches your needs.

RO Membrane Cleaning

RWP specializes in on-site & off-site of membrane element restoration, using an effective cleaning regiment, with high quality cleaning solutions to help bring your membranes back to near new performance. All RO membranes are pre and post tested a cleaning report is provided to our customers upon returning clean elements, showing how effective the cleaning was in restoring flow and salt rejection for each documented element.

RWP Master Service Technicians are ready to assist in consulting, retro fit, re-calibrate or provide technical support for all new and existing Reverse Osmosis Units.

Commercial & Industrial